AZ 2017 vintage wines report

The growing conditions are unusual; it was very wet winter and spring followed by a generally mild summer in our wine regions, often punctuated by violent storms.  On 11 November 2016, there was a large hailstorm that cut a swathe across the Riverland and Murray Darling.  Some of vineyards were devastated.  Most grapes are being 3 weeks later than the last several years. the berries are generally bigger although set is patchy. The extended ripening period due to the cooler summer conditions does increase the prospects of a high quality 2017 vintage. Our winemakers selected our Murray Darling vineyard, and produced at Waikerie.



AZ Cabernet, dark fruits, black berry, black currant, a rich mid palate full of fruit,

some subtle and spicy French oak and toast to complement the fruit, a rich finish.

86% Cabernet and 14% Merlot.  Alcohol will be 14% ABV.

AZ Shiraz has dark red to purple, spicy fruit, black currant to cherry. Spicy toasted

American sweetness and a smooth finish. 90% Shiraz, 10% Grenache and Mataro and some AZ premium varieties. Alcohol will be 14.5% ABV.