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AZ Master Wines Project 2017

AZ Master Wines to Add Two Vineyards in 2017

AZ Master Wines is excited to announce the addition of two new vineyards in 2017. One is in the Riverland region of South Australia, which will supply:

200 tonnes of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Located in South Australia, near the Victorian border, the Riverland region has a warm and temperate climate. Riverland grapes are used to produce around 25 per cent of Australia’s wine. AZ Master Wines carefully selects the region’s best grapes to create quality wines known for their easy drinking.

Alex and Awei will manage the vineyard, including inspecting and selecting grapes, and managing harvesting to ensure consistent quality.

In addition, we are adding a vineyard in Nagambie Lakes in Victoria. The Nagambie Lakes region is known for its rich red soil that gives its grapes a distinctive flavour. The vineyard in Nagambie Lakes includes:


Michael, one of our Master Winemakers, will supervise inspection, vineyard preparation and harvesting at the Nagambie Lakes vineyard.

In addition to the new vineyards, we will be custom producing supreme quality European wines for our customers in 2017 and importing special European bottles which are not produced in Australia.

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