Five-Star Ratings for Import Assistance

Satisfied Customers Give AZ Master Wines Five-Star Ratings for Import Assistance

In addition to creating quality wines and value for money, at AZ Master Wines we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable customer service to ensure that the importing process runs smoothly for our international customers.

Customer feedback about our service has been 100% positive with consistent five-star ratings.

In addition to providing the required documents, we guide our customers in how to deal with overseas customs, exceeding their expectations.


Some of the feedback received includes:

  • ‘With AZ Master wines assisting with the process, I have nothing to worry about.’
  • ‘Their service was better than our customs agent.’
  • ‘With the free trade agreement with China, all the documents must be carefully prepared. AZ Master Wines met all the documentation requirements.’
  • ‘Thank you for helping us to communicate with freight agent, including price matching, and overseas custom requirements.’

We have been working with a reliable freight agent for around 10 years. They also help our customers to ensure that importing our wines goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, we can recommend reputable overseas agents to help them clear customs.