About AZ 2006-2016

Founded in 2006, AZ Master Wines Pty Ltd specialises in creating custom Australian wines tailored to suit the distinct tastes of Asian consumers.

Our Story


AZ Master Wines began by exporting mass-produced commercial wines from multiple vineyards. After receiving feedback and studying customer preferences, we began to focus on creating higher quality wines to suit consumer tastes in Asian markets. In addition, based on customer requests for private label wines, we began creating custom wines from single vineyard sources. Seeing the importance of quality control in creating exceptional wines, AZ Master Wines began to cover the entire winemaking process — from examining and preparing vineyards before harvest and supervising the winemaking process, to creating custom labelling and supervising bottling.

As a result of building relationships with our customers and satisfying consumer tastes with high quality Australian wines, AZ Master Wines began growing its clientele through word-of-mouth marketing. Slow and steady growth since 2006 has ensured the maintenance high standards and personalised service. As the business expands, AZ Master Wines is building its own winery and plans to enter winemaking competitions to enhance brand awareness.

Our Approach


The mission of AZ Master Wines is to constantly grow and improve while meeting the unique requirements of our customers. We carefully supervise the entire winemaking process, including:

  • Selecting the most suitable varieties and vines
  • Pruning and trimming vines to manage the yield
  • Checking grape quality to ensure the desired flavour will be achieved
  • Supervising the winemaking process
  • Attending bottling to ensure quality of the final product.

The result is consistent quality and satisfied long-term customers.

Our Wines Regions


We source our grapes from a variety of Australia’s best-known wine regions to produce a range of wines using carefully selected grapes.

Riverland region – the Riverland region is located in South Australia, near the Victorian border. With a warm and temperate climate, Riverland grapes are used to produce around 25 per cent of Australia’s wine output. Although known for large volume commercial production of entry level wines, AZ Master Wines hand selects the region’s best grapes to create quality wines known for their easy drinking.


The Barossa – northeast of Adelaide in South Australia, the Barossa is world-renowned for its Shiraz and is the source of some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. AZ Master Wines sources Shiraz grapes from a single source 100-year-old vineyard.

King Valley – the King Valley is a wine-producing and agricultural region centred on the King River in northeast Victoria’s majestic high country. Originally settled by Italian immigrants, it is a cold-weather region known for white wines, including Muscato, Chardonnay and Riesling.

Nagambie Lakes – surrounded by a network or lakes and lagoons that are part of the Goulburn River, the Nagambie Lakes wine region is known for its rich red soil that gives its grapes a distinctive flavour. We source premium Cabernet and Shiraz from this wine region.

Heathcote – with its ancient red Cambrian soil, the Heathcote region is renowned as one of the best Shiraz growing regions in Australia. We select the area’s finest grapes to produce premium Shiraz wines.

Our Winemakers



Michael brings his winemaking mastery to AZ wines to deliver superb quality and drinkability.

His experience includes over 10 years with Esporao, a prominent Portuguese winery, named in the Top 100 Wineries of The World by Wines & Spirits magazine.

Michael graduated in Oenology (the science and study of all aspects of wine and winemaking except vine-growing and grape-harvesting) from the University of Adelaide, South Australia and was awarded the Master of Wine distinction from The Institute of Masters of Wine in the United Kingdom.

The producer of award-winning wines, Michael’s extensive experience includes winemaking in the Napa Valley (California), at Oakridge Estate in the Yarra Valley, Lowe Family wines in Mudgee and at Mitchelton Wines in Nagambie.


Awei Lin – Director and Winemaker

Awei Lin developed his passion for creating superb wines when he started exporting Australian wines to Asia in 2006. Since that time he has expanded his knowledge to include the entire winemaking process, including vineyard preparation, harvesting, crushing, fermenting, labelling, bottling and distribution. His keen knowledge of the specific tastes of Asian consumers enables him to create customised wines that are sought after in these markets. In addition to his winemaking experience, Awei has a Bachelors Degree in Management from the University of Ballarat.

Jimmy Yi – Financial Director

As the Financial Director of AZ Master Wines, Jimmy Yi manages the financial and investment aspects of AZ Master Wines. He enjoys being involved in the winemaking process, creating exceptional wines, and building a world-class business by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.